Lasting change starts with you! 

Create a positive ripple effect one woman at time by supporting Woman Within & our mission.

Everyone has something unique to offer and every act of generosity has an impact. Whether you give your voice, time, goods/services, or money, the act of giving communicates that you stand with and for women. We've shared below a variety of fun ways that you might give back. Find what fits for you and watch the effects ripple across your community. Share on social media with hashtags #WomanWithin and #ForWomen and inspire others to get involved.  

Post about Woman Within and the empowerment of women using the hashtag #WomanWithin and #ForWomen. Share our social media channels in your social networks​. Share our Facebook posts and follow us on Instagram

Invite your community to movie night! Stream a movie on Zoom and ask attendees to pay a small fee to attend. When picking your movie, we recommend something that tells stories of women's empowerment, strength and resilience.  To give you some ideas, check out this list of inspiring documentaries and movies. And see these tips for organizing a fundraiser.

It's been a challenging year for so many people and we could all use a little (lot) of fun. Create a playlist, come up with a fun theme and get your community dancing! See these tips for organizing a fundraiser.

Give up something 

Challenge your community to give up something like coffee for a week and ask them to donate the money they would have spent to Woman Within. Or invite them to give up an hour of TV time per day to spend on our 26-Day Racial Equity Challenge. Encourage participants to document their journey on social media, building a sense of connection on the fasting journey.

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.

Maya Angelou

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