We will all one day be the ancestors. What legacy will you leave? Let's dare to be authentic & brave leaders.

The world is calling out for a new way of leadership; one that values the feminine within us all. We can take responsibility to change our corner of the world and, if we connect and support each other, we have the power to create a sustainable and thriving system. So let’s try new things, work outside our comfort zones and see change as an opportunity to grow. Let’s speak up when we might stay silent, reach out when we might isolate, and show up in ways that are authentically ourselves.

The Weekend cannot happen without the skills of the Team Leader. She organizes the entire team of staff volunteers to give of their best in their individual roles. If you are calm under pressure, can juggle many tasks and can motivate women to work together, we need you in this valuable role. Team Leaders are paid a fee when they lead a Woman Within Weekend®. 

Join the ILC

Do you have skills and experience that can contribute to the sustainability and vision of Woman Within? Join the International Leadership Circle (ILC) and participate in the organization’s delivery of its vision, mission and values. There are many leadership positions, community contacts, and technology specialists that help support our organization. Contact the ILC today.

I trusted myself and I trusted others. I am expanding and honing my skills as a FAC. I lead my team with grace and remain open to feedback

Together, let's strive to be:

Committed to transformation. Transformation within the organization, the community, and ourselves. To be Self-aware, and make our personal work a priority. To continually expand our own consciousness, in service to the whole.

Committed to learning and growing, making room for the new and innovative.  Exposure to new ideas, perspectives, and insights that foster greater personal connection. 

Committed to interconnectedness and co-creation. We are one organization and together we are so much more. Create ways to continually get input from all areas and levels of the organization.

Committed to walking our talk.  Being authentic, transparent, accountable and willing to be vulnerable.  Living our core values, vision and mission. To be an example of how we use our tools to show up in the world. 

Committed to listen deeply. Listening deeply to others and to the wise parts of ourselves. To make an effort to interact with diverse groups inside and outside of their organizations, and to listen without ego or judgment to hear what is being said.

Committed to cleaning up our messes. Miscommunication and interpersonal conflict in organizations are inevitable. We commit to use our tools and policies to take accountability, to have clearings and use our conflict management tools.

Committed to the evolution of ourselves and those around us. To consciously choose to use our roles to accelerate climates of learning and growth.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Muriel Strode

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